Serve the Community Based On Facts and Science

We will put community health first and will work together to insure every resident has access to crucial personal protection equipment during these times of pandemic. We will also work hand in hand with local environmental groups to reduce the Township's carbon footprint. Part of our communications to Township residents will be methods to reduce their personal carbon footprints as well.

Focus On Economic and Social Justice for All Residents

We will work to make all services inclusive, starting by expanding outreach to under-represented and underserved communities. Our candidates will use their existing connections in the LatinX community, the Indian community, and the homeless community to get those communities the resources they need. We will look to improve services for existing communities like veterans and the elderly, especially in the areas of food security and transportation.  And our candidates will seek to develop new connections in the LGBTQ+ community, the African American community, and disabled community, among others.

Attend Community Events: Meeting You Where You Are

Palatine Township is more than just Palatine.  If we are elected, you will see us at community events in Rolling Meadows, Hoffman Estates, Palatine, Arlington Heights, Inverness, Barrington, Schaumburg, Deer Park, and South Barrington.  Every month, we will attend some school board meetings, library board meetings, or other local government meetings, learning what the community is doing and promoting the services and programs of the township.

We will also be engaging in 'Township Tourism,' where we visit other townships in the region to exchange ideas and best practices. We plan to be a clearinghouse for community events throughout the township, using a redesigned website to give residents one online location to access event details.  As Township candidates, we are committed to meeting you where you are, and we will continue with that approach if elected.

Hear Every Voice

We understand that leadership is about listening.  Elected officials need to hear every voice on important issues affecting our Township. Our Democratic Slate will listen to the voices in our community. We will do this with community outreach, by taking calls from township residents, and by responding to emails in a timely manner.

Hearing every voice will establish trust and the residents will see that the Democrats for Palatine Township not only value community input but also follow it up with action. Community input from every area in the township is extremely important to our diverse slate.  

We will make an authentic connection with residents and participate in conversations to clarify issues in the community. Many of our residents are not aware of township services that can increase the quality of their lives.  We will make connections using the resident's preferred language so that all are included.  We would enjoy having residents be a part of the Board meetings both virtually and in person.  We will advertise board meetings, agendas, minutes, and reports in a timely manner through the township website.

The Democrats of Palatine Township are committed to effectively hearing the voices of the community. We will hear your voice and deliver a plan for action!

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