Expand Community Outreach

We will partner with community leaders, organizations, and events to spread the word on Township services. We will utilize all forms of modern communications to reach residents, matching communication mode with the appropriate demographic. We will co-sponsor events dedicated to showcasing Palatine Township’s diversity, and engaging residents in volunteer opportunities with the Township.

Use Township Resources to Help Those in Need

The programs that have helped the Township in the past will continue to thrive.  We will also work closely with residents to seek out new ideas on how to make the Palatine Township's resources accessible and known to all.

We understand that one of the main goals of the township is to serve the residents of the community.  It is key that the township allocate funds properly when addressing the needs of the people.  One example where funds are not being allocated well is for young residents.  Currently, the poverty rate of those in the township under 18 years of age is 20.5%.  Yet, social services that could be used to help these families is not being funded to full capacity or fully used.

In the past three years, the Palatine Township has left over $25,000 of  budgeted funds for social services on the table.  We will ensure that all budgeted funds allocated for social services get used to their full potential to help those in need.

We are committed to expanding services using funds and resources that are already available.  We want to make it easier for residents to work in-person with township staff. We will either provide transportation for residents to get to the township, or we will set up a branch location of the township that is open one or two days a week to serve the north-east corner of the township.

Match Services With Needs

We will take an active role in reviewing the economic and social status of Palatine Township and will utilize sources like the census to meet the needs of the community.

Make Clear All Decisions

We will ensure that all decisions are well documented and well articulated on the Township website. We will also utilize other communication tools such as social media and direct mail to inform residents of substantial changes.

All Issues