Tracy Boland


Resident of Palatine since 2003. Worked as a math tutor at Harper College since 2015.  Served as a Palatine Library District Trustee. Pre-pandemic, performed regularly as a member of My Improv Buddies.

About Tracy

Tracy Boland likes public education, good roads and highways, free and fair elections, fire departments, public libraries, the National Guard, clean drinking water, Social Security, police departments, PBS, public parks, the military, the Veterans Administration, public prisons & jails, NASA, Medicare, Medicaid, public hospitals, and the public square.  She believes that taxes pay for civilization. She believes in Trust And Verify (Because People Are Human And Will Make Mistakes So You Have To Help Them Find And Correct Their Goofs).

Tracy Boland has been a Trustee of the Palatine Public Library District since 2015, and she currently serves as Secretary.

Tracy Boland has lived in Palatine for 18 years, which is longer than she has lived anywhere else.  She's originally from St. Louis, where most of her family still live.  She earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla (now MST).

For much of the 90's, she worked in Melrose Park for Navistar International as a systems engineer, supporting computer-aided design and manufacturing.  The turn of the millennium found her in Los Angeles, programming websites for entertainment companies such as Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Online.

After she moved back to Illinois, she switched careers from computers to education.  She earned a Master's degree in Math Education from Illinois Institute of Technology, and completed the coursework for a Master's in Pure Math from NIU.  She has worked primarily as a math tutor since 2007, and is currently working at Harper College in its Academic Support Center.

In 2005, she and her wife Deb started teaching improv in the Continuing Education department at Harper.  Pre-pandemic, they performed monthly with the improv troupe My Improv Buddies at the Lamplighter Inn in Palatine.  She is a Cardinals baseball, Packers football, and Megan Rapinoe fan.