Melissa Ortega


Resident of Palatine Township for 14 years. Worked in the community as a Mental Health Professional. Moderator on Progressive Palatine and supporter of BG Pride. She earned a BA in Business Management and an MA in Counseling.

About Melissa

Melissa Ortega is the Democratic Nominee for Palatine Township Supervisor.  She has been a Palatine Township resident for fourteen years and is an active member of the community.
As Palatine Township Supervisor, Melissa plans to increase accessibility of services to the entire population of the township through utilizing improved community outreach.  Melissa will implement self-success programs, essential career services, and job fair opportunities to enhance the quality of life for all township residents.

Melissa is strongly committed to serving the senior population of our township.  As Palatine Township Supervisor it is her priority to implement an innovative, senior focused volunteer program to ensure our seniors are taken care of.  No senior should go hungry.  Seniors need to be able to utilize the township food pantry even if they are not able to pick up food in person. Melissa will make sure that those senior’s needs are met.

Melissa has worked in the local community for social service agencies providing crisis counseling, emergency room mental health assessments, and facilitated many groups including parenting/cooking classes to provide life skills to clients. Her experience and background makes her uniquely suited to meet the needs of residents in the Palatine Township
Melissa is an active member of many Facebook groups including, "We the people,” based in Mount Prospect and a moderator on Progressive Palatine.  She is also a proud supporter of the non-for-profit Buffalo Grove Pride, which promotes community support for the LGBTQ+ Community.
Melissa believes strongly in local advocacy, however, she also understands the impact that the national political scene plays in our local community.  With this belief in mind, she recently lead a postcard campaign with volunteers from the local community, writing postcards to voters in other communities where progressive leaders were on the ballot with a mission of flipping swing states from Republican to more progressive minded leaders.

Palatine Township is a growing and diverse community.  Leaders in this community need to represent the current and future needs of our community, not the past.  As a community leader who is a woman of color, Melissa understands firsthand the importance of having representation that represents all members of the community, not just a few.  Melissa knows that township residents of all backgrounds, specifically those of color, and those who value the diverse voices in the township community, will feel a sense of comfort and connection working with an elected official who knows their challenges and struggles, and can advocate for the concerns and needs felt in their community.

With Melissa’s many years working as a mental health professional in the community it comes natural for her to show compassion and empathy to each unique individual and situation.  As an elected official Melissa has the experience to be a responsible steward  for the Palatine Township Food Pantry, The Needy Family Fund, General Assistance, and Township Funds.

Melissa takes great pride in her township community and looks forward to helping create an even stronger township for all residents. Melissa has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Organizational Psychology from Loyola University and a Master's Degree in Community Counseling from Argosy University.