Move the Township into the 21st Century

These days, technology gives us access to like-minded people around the world. And technology gives us the illusion that we don't need to know our neighbors. But that's wrong. We do need to know our neighbors, because we want more than survival. We want our community to thrive. So, there is still a place for the township.

There is still a need for neighbors acting in the common good. And it's up to us to imagine a township that:

Assess the Needs of Palatine Township

We will take active steps to identifying the needs of the community through following Federal and State Data reviews of needs. We will utilize our teams networks to attend community events. We will listen to our partner service providers and hear their concerns.

Commission a Performance Audit of All Services

We will commission an independent performance audit on all Township services to identify what organizations are receiving Township dollars, how many residents are being helped, and what those dollars are buying. Our goal is to keep Township dollars in the Township and to amplify the work of existing non-profits. A performance audit will help us to focus Township dollars to pay for services that volunteers cannot provide, such as early education teachers and mental health counselors. We will make the results of the performance audit available to the public on the revamped website.

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