Deanna Santman


A homeowner in Palatine who loves the community. She is active in her employer’s PRIDE and on the board for their Women’s Connect Employee Business Resource Group. She is an advocate for women in business, and a mentor for career development and advancement.

About Deanna

Deanna Santman is excited to be running for Township Trustee.

Deanna is a homeowner in Palatine. She has been married to her husband for 11 years. They enjoy spoiling their 9lb Yorkie.

Deanna works in the banking industry and enjoys helping local businesses meet their financial and sales goals.

Deanna has always had a passion for serving her community and networks. She is on the board for her company’s Women Connect Employee Resource Business Group, and a member of their PRIDE and Latino organizations.

Deanna’s main goal in running for Township Trustee is to ensure that all township funds are being budgeted and allocated fully. She wants to make certain that residents have access and awareness to the Township resources and educate them on how the Township serves the community.

Deanna’s vision is focused on transparency and unity. With her financial background and leadership experience, she will be able to meet this vision and the vision the residents have for the members serving in the township.