We, Democrats for Palatine Township, ran together as a team for Palatine Township Supervisor, Clerk, Highway Commissioner, and Trustees. We are young and old, women and men from Palatine, Rolling Meadows, and Arlington Heights, including a Mexican-American, a Sikh, and an LGBTQ+ person.

Knowing that the outcome of the election might be determined by a small number of votes, we decided not to make any statement until all the ballots had been received and counted. We understand that every vote counts, and we did not want to disrespect any voters by making a premature statement.

Now that all the ballots have been counted, it is evident that we did not receive as many votes as our opponents did. We congratulate the Republicans for running a vigorous campaign.

We are proud of the campaign we ran. We hope the Township Board will follow our recommendations in order to provide better service to all the people of Palatine Township.

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